Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Chair Planter, Part 1.

One of the local antiques shops in my hometown used to have two chairs sitting by the font door, with flowers planted where the seats of the chairs used to be. I always thought they were so cute and quaint!
Well, last fall, the shop went out of business and the auctioned everything off. Even thought I attended the auction, and bought a LOT of stuff, I never saw the chairs.

 This spring, however, the former owner of the shop (who lives in my parent's neighborhood), held an auction of even more things from her personal stashes, and the remainder of the contents of her two antique shops that she had stashed in her basement. I didn't get to go to the auction, but my friend - who owns an antique shop herself - went, and bought a bunch of things. Two of which were the vintage chair planters I admired so much!

 I immediately purchased one of the chairs from her. And, I may purchase the other one as well - even though, I have nowhere to put it at the moment.


 The chair is a lovely vintage green - one of my favorite colors. It has some white daisies painted on it. As you can see, it is fitted with a mesh, landscaping-fabric type of "basket" in t he area where the seat should be. The mesh is stapled on.

 Phileppe thought is was supposed to be a kitty hammock.




 I went to Lowes and bought some packages of sheet moss, and pink impatiens. After I re-claimed the chair from Phileppe, I placed a layer of the moss inside the "basket", added potting soil and flowers, and that was that.



 Once the flowers begin spreading and blooming it will look like a "pillowy" flower cushion. 


Prairie Princess said...

What a charming idea! And Phillipe is so adorable...he always looks so happy in his pictures...he must be spoiled. ;)

Hosanna said...

No, no. He is not spoiled. *winks* He is the drerest, sweetest kitty ever! :)