Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Endorsements.

I got this swell idea from a fellow vintage wearer/lover's blog "Miss Tallulah Porkchop".You can read her answers here. I copied the whole questionerre onto my blog and filled in my own answers. Play along and do the same on your blog; I love getting to know fellow bloggers and their faves!
Note: you will find, from my answers, just what a simple woman I am..... I don't get attached to many brands. I simply buy and use what suits my fancy at the time. Except for the make up - I am kinda devoted to Mary Kay since they started mineral make up. :) 
UNDERWEAR: Whatever I find that is cute and comfortable, sexy and romantic, and above all - whatever fits well - on the undies rack at Ross or Marshalls.
JEANS: Old Navy; or whatever I find that I like at - you guessed it - Ross or Marshalls.
T-SHIRTS: Seriously... for t-shirts, I buy whatever it is they're selling at Wally World.
SHOES: Vintage ones, of any brand, when I can find them.
WATCHES:  Pulsar. I inherited it from my Great Aunt. Speaking of which - I need a battery in it.

SUNGLASSES: I destroy them so often, I get cheap ones at department stores and they're sat on and broken in a week. For special occasions, I have a pair of vintage cat-eye sunnys from France with rhinestones. :)
SWIMWEAR: Esther Williams... in my dreams. I have not gotten an Esther Williams yet. In the meantime, I have a vintage-y swim dress, two bikinis from Wal Mart, and a 1950s swimsuit I have never worn in the pool.
DRESSES: Vintage ones.
BAGS: Vintage ones.
LABEL: Right now? Charlotte Russe; or things from the Ruche website.
ACCESSORIES: Forever 21; or the thrift.


PERFUME: I can't wear it.... I get headaches. But once in awhile, I can get away with a body mist; the one in my bathroom right now is Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom - or something like that.
LIPS: Mary Kay tinted lip balms - for the SPF (for my surgery scars.) I have "Rose" and "Blush". Also, Mary Kay lip gloss in "Gold Rush".

BODY WASH: In the shower right now: Softsoap Coconut Scrub.
HAIR PRODUCT: Aussie taming milk
MOISTURISER: Williams and Spence Almond Blossom lotion
BRONZER: Mary Kay, "Sandstone"
NAIL POLISH SHADE: TeeHee...right at the moment, an $.88 BonBon I grabbed at the checkout.


SHEETS: Spring Maid; 100% cotton
STATIONERY: Vintage; and whatever I find at Marshalls - or the Dollar Store!
LUGGAGE: Samsonite
GADGET: I hate gadgets and don't use them...
CAR: Car?! How 'bout 4x4 farm truck! Ford F250 Super Duty. I LOVE my truck. :)

ONLINE STORE: Etsy, Sense of Fashion, Ruche, Charlotte Russe, or eBay
BOOK: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte.
In my CD player at the moment: Imelda May's "Mayhem". That, or the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack - for the piano music. :)
DRINK: Southern Sweet Iced Tea. For all time.

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Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

How gorgeous is Ruche? Thanks for the hot tip. :)